100% Recyclable Mono Material PE Spout Pouches from Longdapac

In 2022, Longdapac lauched a new 100% recyclable mono-material PE spout pouches.

Longdapac is a leading global developer and manufacturer of recyclable packaging solutions, and has launched a new mono-material polyethylene (PE) spout pouch. In the field of sustainable development, the company has innovated a new environmentally friendly packaging solution. We offer more sustainable packaging while maintaining performance comparable to traditional nozzle bags. The new packaging replaces the previous multi-layer composite structure, using a mono-material PE structured composite film and low-temperature PE spout nozzle. Although the aluminum foil layer in the common nozzle bag structure has been removed from the packaging, it still has excellent heat resistance and is flat and firm when inserted into the nozzle. The plastic usage of the lid has also been reduced by more than five tons. This packaging has excellent printing adaptability, water and oxygen resistance, as well as high durability sealing around the suction nozzle, which can achieve optimal performance under harsh conditions.

Recyclable mono-material PE spout pouch 1

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