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Why Recyclable Side Gusset Bag?

Do You Want To Distinguish Your Brands With A Recyclable Packaging?

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100% Recyclable Side Gusset Bags

Today, companies are paying the highest attention on sustainability. We are trying our best to make contribution in fully recyclable flexible packagings. 

Our 100% Recyclable High Barrier Mono Material PE Side Gusset bags are the best solution of flexible packaging recyclability. It can meet the recyclability of below standards: 

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What is Recyclable Side Gusset Bag? Your Ultimate Guide

1) What is Side Gusset Bag?

Side Gusset Bags contain an extra Gusset attached to both sides of the bag, making it less box-shaped than Bottom Gusset Bags. Though it may not be as visually appealing when displayed on shelves, it takes up less space on the shelf and offers ample space for highlighting product features & branding purposes.

2) What is Recyclable Side Gusset Bag?

Recyclable side gusset bags and pouches are the side gusset bags made with 100% fully recyclable mono-material PE laminated film packaging. It can be with barrier or without high barrier. The most common film structure as below:


High barrier MDO-PE / PE



PP / barrier PP

3) Benefits of Recyclable Side Gusset Bags


Recyclability is always important for today’s flexible packaging. As we are focusing more on environment, we should adopt 100% fully recyclable high barrier mono-material PE packaging as many as possible. It will consume less resources and eco-friendly.

High Barrier

High barrier is common seen for side gusset bags. It is good to protect the products from oxygen, moisture and light. Keep the freshness and maintain the shelf life.


As we mentioned before, we are using high barrier MDO-PE laminated to PE as the main film structure. This is fully transparent. So you can either print directly on the bag, or design a window to see through. So the customers can see the products inside. This is good for marketing and branding. And it will sure boost sales.

Ability to stand

Even though there is not stand up bottom, no flat bottom; but the side gusset bag packaging can still stand well after filling. The bottom of the bag will fold automatically and then stand on the shelf well.

Less Space occupied

As we mentioned on the definition of side gusset bag. It takes less space and actually it can be with more height. A bag with need less space and can pack more products will definitely welcome by many retailers. It a perfect gusset pouch for shelf. 

Strong and durable

No matter it is in transportable or storage, the side gusset bag is very strong and durable. Normally it will not break no matter how difficult the situation in shipping. And it will be ok even if it falls from the shelf.

Cost saving

The side gusset bag can fill more products with the same plastic film material. And it will need less place to ship in carton box. So it is lower cost in packaging itself and lower cost in shipping and storage.

Fast packing speed

Side gusset bags can be form, fill and seal in fully automatic packing machine. This will make it is packing speed much faster than pre-form bags.

100% reyclable high barrier mono material side gusset bag 2

4) Types of side gusset bags

All the bags with side gusset can be called side gusset bags.

Recyclable Standard side gusset bags

This is the basic side gusset bags, nothing else special on this bag, it is tidy, flexible and good for automatic packing machines.

Recyclable Quad seal side gusset bag

Quad seal side gusset bag is the side gusset bag with quad seal. So it has stronger side seals. This is normally seen in bigger bag packs.

Recyclable flat bottom side gusset bag

This is also call flat bottom bag. But since there are also side gussets, so it belongs to side gusset bag too.

100% reyclable high barrier mono material side gusset bag 1

What Longdapac can help?

Longdapac is the leading flexible packaging manufacturer from China since 1991. We focus on sustainable flexible packaging as you can see below:

100% Fully Recyclable High Barrier Mono-Material PE Pouches

High Barrier MDO-PE Film


Longdapac is the first high barrier MDO-PE film manufacturer in China and it is the first high barrier mono-material PE pouch manufacturer in China. ( MDO-PE / PE and MDO-PE / High barrier MDO-PE / PE)

Longdapac recyclable high barrier mono-material PE pouches can meet the recyclability of:

Longdapac is a BRC and ISO certified factory with annual capacity of more than 25,000 tons.

Basically Longdapac can satisfy all your recyclable flexible packaging needs, both standard and high barrier.


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