6 Things You Need to Know About PE Pouch

PE pouch is also known as recyclable PE mono material pouch; it is the hottest flexible packaging right now because it is ECO friendly, recyclable and sustainable. This is the plastic packaging development trend today.

But still many people don’t understand what is PE pouch cause it is still new to the public. Actually it is first come out of the market in 2020 for mass production.

Today we will talk about 6 things you need to know about PE pouch.

 It’s an in-depth article that takes 20 minutes to read. 

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6 Things You Need to Know About PE Pouch

1) What is PE pouch?

PE pouch is also known as recyclable PE mono material pouch. It is the pouch made by PE film laminated to another layer of PE film, providing better strength and durability. The pouch is recyclable for it is PE mono-material.

Recyclable high barrier flexible packaging,stand up pouches

2) How does PE pouch made?

We have multi-layer pouch long time ago, this is normally for heavy duty purpose cause multi-layer pouch will be stronger and more durable than single layer bag. And the heat sealing area can be from 3mm to 20mm which is much stronger than the 1mm heat sealing of single layer bag.

PE pouch is the same thing as the multi-layer pouch before, but the only difference is the material. PE pouch is made by PE film laminated to PE film. While the pouch before is normally laminated to different film layer.

Production process:

Surface PE layer:

  1. The PE film made by blow machine from PE resin
  2. It can be printed
  3. It can be high barrier coated

NOTE: Normally the surface PE film is different from the inner PE layer when the blowing the PE film. Machine direction orientation is the most common technology; and that’s what we call MDO-PE film.

Inner PE layer:

The PE film made by blow machine from PE resin. This is the same PE film as before.


Then we will laminate the surface PE layer to the inner PE layer. This is called recyclable PE mono-material rewind.

Pouch making:

We will convert the PE mono-material rewind into all kinds of pouches.

Custom print recyclable flexible packaging

3) What pouch style & Pouch size available for PE pouch?

Actually PE pouch is no difference with the other multilayer heavy duty pouch in pouch style and pouch size.

Pouch styles included:  

Stand up pouch (And now recyclable stand up pouch for mono-material pouch)

Flat bottom pouch (And now recyclable flat bottom pouch for mono-material pouch)

Spout pouch (And now recyclable spout pouch for mono-material pouch)

And it can be also for 3 side seal bag, flat bag, side gusset bag, quad seal bag, zipper pouch and shaped pouch. Of course all these pouches are recyclable pouches for it is made by PE monomaterial.


Pouch size can be all the same as the pouch we currently see in the market. It can be from 1 oz to 25kg. (Such as pet food pouches, or rice bags)

Recyclable high barrier side gusset bag,pet food

4) What products can PE pouch pack?

It will be the same as the pouch bags we are currently using.

The PE pouch can be used as:

Recyclable pet food bags

Recyclable coffee bags

Recyclable coffee tea bags

Recyclable baby food bags

Recyclable fruit bags

Recyclable snack bags

Recyclable Dairy & Beverage bags

Recyclable Medical bags

Recyclable cosmetics & beauty bags

Recyclable homecare & industrial bags

And all kinds of multi-layer pouches.

PE mono-material pouches

5) Regular PE pouch and high barrier PE pouch

Regular PE pouch is the MDO-PE laminated to PE film only. This is heavy duty so the strength and durability are good. The barrier function is just ok, but not enough for high barrier requirements.

High barrier PE pouch is the high barrier coated MDO-PE film laminated to PE film. The pouch is sealed, to protect the product from oxygen and humidity, as well as the external contamination, for long product shelf-life and total food safety. Normally this is measure by OTR and WVTR. The lower the OTR & WVTR, the better the barrier function, and the better the production capability.

Both regular PE pouch and high barrier PE pouch are available in the market. Just make sure you mention specifically what you need to the recyclable PE mono-material pouch supplier. Then they will provide you everything you need.

mono-material recyclable flat bottom pouch coffee bag

6) Why we need PE pouch?

Today our world is facing plastic pollution. Sustainability is core elements of flexible packaging development.

There are many ways to create eco-friendly packaging, the famous are below two:


REUSE is normally for end user.

While from plastic packaging manufacturer side, reduce, recyclable and compostable are what we can do. Recyclable is appear on both proposals.

Compostable pouch has some weak point:

Higher cost

Cannot home compost easily (need to collect to factory to do compost)

Low packaging quality

Unavailable for widely use

So recyclable pouch is the best solution. Mono material pouch is the best recyclable pouch cause it is same material, and this is the easier recyclable material. We have PP/PP pouch, but the they got limitation on thickness so cannot be heavy duty.

So the best recyclable mono-material pouch is PE pouch. It is good quality, lower cost, custom printing available, barrier available, and ok to widely use. This is the 100% mono material pouch. Technically speaking, all flexible lamination factory can make this PE mono material pouch with their current production line. 

Sustainability 7


PE pouch/recyclable PE mono-material pouch is the answer for eco friendly sustainable packaging. This is the recyclable pouch with best quality and easier recyclability. The good printability and barrier function will enable the PE pouch to be the future of the packaging.

This article is written by Longdapac, ( www.longdapac.com), leading recyclable high barrier pouches manufacturer from China. 

Longdapac is also the first Chinese high barrier recyclable PE mono-material pouch manufacturer.

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