How to Design Recyclable High Barrier Facial Mask Packaging?

In today’s society, facial mask has long been a fast moving consumer product popular all over the world. In fast-food soap operas, the lens of applying facial mask is as common as eating, and the market has a great demand for facial mask.

It is not so easy for laymen to look at the bustle, and for professionals to look at the door, it is not easy to do a good job in packaging this seemingly simple facial mask:

The core function of facial mask packaging is to ensure that the moisture of the essence liquid inside is not lost and volatilized, and to achieve this effect, the packaging material is required to have high water resistance and oxygen resistance.

Not to mentioned today we also need recyclable facial mask packaging

Now we will see 2 kinds of facial mask packaging designs. 

1) Conventional facial mask packaging

In order to have high barrier on the facial mask packaging, normally we are using VMPET, foil Alu or Alox coated film for the barrier.

But these are not recyclable.

2) 100% recyclable high barrier mono-material facial mask packaging.

We now shipping to our customers with below film structure:

High barrier PE / Metalized PE

OTR: 0.8 cc/(m² · day)

WVTR: 0.1 g/(m² · day)

This film structure can meet the barrier requirement on facial mask packaging, while with recyclability function.

We already shipped to some customers on this, the feedbacks are very positive.

facial mask 2

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