Longda, A Sustainable Flexible Packaging Factory

Set up in 1991, Longda have been in flexible packaging industry for more than 30 years. Or you can call it soft plastic packaging industry.

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First in single layer film product, PE , CPP and BOPP are our main materials. With products of all kinds of bags.

Then we move to laminated flexible packaging industry.

This is high end packaging:

In laminated flexible packaging, our business grows a lot with annual capacity 25,000 tons, and become one of the biggest flexible packaging companies in our province (state).

recyclable monomaterial PE pouch

With development of our society, growth is no long our company goal anymore, but sustainability. The white pollution is become worse and worse today and we can see plastics are everywhere which will not decompose for hundreds of years. In order to save our world, and leave our future generations a better environment, we are focus on sustainable packaging now.

The best thing for us right now is we got recyclable packaging. Which means our packaging can be recycled again. In this case we will only use one time raw material while we can have several runs of finished products. Or we can call it, one input, double outputs. When comparing to one time usage and white pollutions everywhere, this is will definitely protect our environment.

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Comparison between normal packaging & recyclable packaging

Normal packaging Recyclable packaging
Raw material input one time input one time input
Product output one time output two times output
waste plastic waste no waste

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