Longdapac Launched New Formula MDOPE Film

Longdapac has developed an innovative high density polyethylene formula for MDOPE (Machine Direction Oriented PE) films. MDOPE design meets the requirements of recyclability and can help processing enterprises create mono material laminated PE/PE pouches to replace multi-component laminate pouch structures, as the latter are difficult to mechanically recycle.

Our MDOPE with good optical and mechanical properties is very suitable for achieving single material composite packaging, and can be used for packaging products such as nuts, cookies, seasonings, cereal bars, and potato chips.

This new formula is developed based on the market demand driven by brand owners and processors, which in turn has generated a demand for printed rolls made from blown MDO-PE films.

This MDOPE film formula contains 60% -70% HDPE to enhance stiffness and high heat resistance. A high output rate exceeding 400kg/hour is possible while maintaining bubble stability. MDO has a high tensile ratio of up to 7:1 and can achieve high rigidity (1% transverse modulus can reach>200 kPa). The new product provides turbidity below 10% and glossiness above 60%. As a PE-PE laminated material used for printing rolls, MDOPE provides high heat resistance, lacks stretchable rigidity, and printability. In the application of MDO-PE blown film, it has high and uniform directionality, dimensional stability, and low gelation that is easy to process. Compared with HDPE (density 0.962g/cm ³) that can be referenced in the market, our MDOPE provides better shear thinning behavior and extrudability, higher melt strength, bubble stability, excellent directionality, and size uniformity.


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