New 100% Recyclable & Biodegradable pouches from Longdapac in 2024

LONGDAPAC, headquartered in China, has created a snack sized pet food Stand up pouch (SUP) that is easier to recycle than traditional PET/PE self-supporting bag structures.

The challenge is to replace the traditional multi-layer structure of PET/PE with a new mono material PE//PE packaging that is easier to recycle.

Ming, the technical manager of LONGDAPAC, said, “The biggest challenge in converting this self-supporting bag from PET/PE to PE/PE is the molding and processability of the film in the bag making equipment. Based on our experience, the production of SUP packaging requires a high sealing temperature in the sealing strip, so polyester film is usually used in the packaging structure.”.

The quality and freshness of pet food snacks also need to be maintained. In addition, SUP’s excellent printing adaptability has a high reputation on the shelves of retail stores, which is also important to increase brand exposure.

Before printing the substrate, use a 9-layer W&H blow molding extrusion equipment to process the packaging substrate and sealant film, so that the surface print is compounded with the inner print, and then convert it into a self-supporting bag.

Replacing traditional PET/PE structures with PE/PE packaging can improve the potential recyclability of SUP while maintaining performance standards such as packaging integrity and printability, thereby gaining opportunities for brand promotion.

“When we used existing bag making equipment to produce SUP, we were surprised and very satisfied with the results of using PE/PE film,” Ming said. “Although this project has many advantages, the main advantage is the manufacturing of SUP. Due to its single material structure, it is easier to recycle compared to multi-layer structures.”

These films are all made to the appropriate size, so there is no reliance on third-party films that may not be suitable in size. Therefore, production time and costs can also be reduced.

This innovative PE/PE solution has achieved our performance goals for SUP, while also helping to improve material reuse and recycling to create new possibilities with higher efficiency, which aligns with our commitment to sustainable development and environmental responsibility

Through this new project, LONGDAPAC aims to target new business opportunities, such as expanding new PE/PE 100% recyclable packaging solutions into the home care field. This laminated packaging will also be promoted to customers who are committed to replacing existing multi material packaging with recyclable single material structures

LONGDAPAC has developed 100% home compostable packaging.

The brightly colored pink and blue small bags are made of LONGDAPAC compostable material, which means sustainable packaging and are packaged in home compostable packaging.


Nowadays, consumers are increasingly valuing products produced and packaged in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way. This packaging meets the needs of today’s consumers while also providing eye-catching shelves.


The T Ü V household compost certification means that the packaging can be guaranteed to decompose into biomass, water, and carbon dioxide in a conventional household compost pile within 26 weeks, and into biomass, water, and carbon dioxide in a composting facility within 12 weeks.


Importantly, if the packaging is recycled into the sea, it will decompose 36% within 96 weeks and show signs of microbial activity, which is crucial for complete degradation.


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