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Flat bottom pouches (box bottom pouches) is the latest bag style and it is becoming more and more popular in the market. It can maximize the filling content and stand on the shelf steadily. It can be with Rippa Zippa, valve and tin tie.

Our mono-material flat bottom pouch is made with recyclable barrier mono-material PE film. The barrier function will protect your products from oxygen and moisture.

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High barrier




Custom print



20 to 200 um

Weight capacity

0 to 25kg

Product Details:

Currently 50% of packaging is plastic, among that 60% is flexible packaging; which means flexible packaging account for 30% of all packaging needs, it is the biggest packaging material in the world.


Flexible packaging has the advantage of low cost, steady supply, beautiful design, high barrier, safety in transportation, and compatible with a wide range of weight from 0 to 25kg.


When we are talking about reuse, recyclable and compostable in sustainable packaging trends, it is very important that flexible packaging will play a key role to keep our environment green. That’s why sustainability is always our priority.

Our mono-material flat bottom bag can be made with recyclable mono-material PE film. In this case the packaging will be fully recyclable. With high barrier treatment on MDO-PE film, we will guarantee protection of your products from oxygen and moisture.

We have:

Recyclable flat bottom coffee bags

Recyclable flat bottom tea bags

Recyclable flat bottom Pet food bags

Recyclable flat bottom food pouches

And recyclable flat bottom pouches for all below:

Cheese & daily



Natural + organics


Health & Beauty

Bakery product

Iawn & garden

Frozen foods



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