Sustainable Plastic Packaging

Sustainability is the hottest topic nowadays for packaging. We need packaging to pack our product, to present our product on shelf, to better protect our product in transportation, to better maintain product quality after production. In a word, packaging is essential and the most important thing outside of product itself.

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We have been raised the question of sustainability in packaging since 1950s; that’s exactly after World War II. White pollution is one issue, but more importantly the lack of raw materials & resources during World War II to make people think of our future generation, and finally the idea of sustainability come out.

Currently half of the packaging is plastic; we have to admit that the plastic packaging did make our life better, and it is very easy to foresee that plastic will keep playing a very important role in packaging. 

Sustainable plastic packaging

There are 3 things we need to focus on when mentioning sustainable plastic packaging:

  • Reusable
  • Recyclable
  • Compostable


Reusable is very simple, the people will try to avoid of using disposable packaging, and reuse the packaging again and again. For example, the plastic container, you can use it in daily life to pack other things after you unpack it from original products.


Recyclable means the packaging can be recycled to new things after usage. Recyclable packaging is very popular now; PET bottles & PE bags are easily recycled in many factories. Furthermore the government is supporting more companies to develop high tech facilities to recycle laminated high barrier packaging, also with the support from bag manufacturer side and they try to make the bags more recycling friendly; the recycling percentage for all plastic packaging are becoming higher and higher. Longdapac have been successfully made the high barrier laminated flexible packaging recyclable. This will definitely change the industry.

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Compostable means a packaging can break down in natural elements. Currently two ways of Compost in packaging:

  • Industrial compost
  • Home compost

Industrial compost means we have to put the packaging waste into a composting facility, and they will put it on certain environment and finally break down the packaging waste in natural elements.

Home compost means we don’t have to do anything special while leave the packaging waste with other waste and it will gradually break down itself into natural elements. So you can simply throw the packaging waste in curbside trash bin.

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