Top 10 Recyclable Stand Up Pouch Suppliers in Thailand

Stand-up pouches are a type of flexible packaging that is made from a variety of materials such as plastic, aluminum, and paper. Some stand-up pouches are recyclable, while others are not. The recyclability of stand-up pouches depends on the type of materials used in their construction and whether or not local recycling facilities are equipped to handle them.

In general, stand-up pouches made from polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) are recyclable, while those made from other types of plastic may not be. To recycle stand-up pouches, they must be clean, dry and free of food residue. it’s important to check with your local recycling facility to see if they accept stand-up pouches and any specific instructions they may have for their recycling.

The current best choices of recyclable stand up pouches material structures are as follows:

Mono-material PE stand up pouches

Mono-material PP stand up pouches

Today we will list the 10 best recyclable stand up pouches companies in the Thailand.

 It’s an in-depth article that takes 25 minutes to read. 

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Top 10 Recyclable Stand Up Pouch Suppliers in Thailand

1) TPN Foodpak

Company type: Manufacturer, wholesaler, custom printing supplier,

Year found: 1953

Main products: recyclable pouches, recyclable stand up pouches, recyclable spout pouches, flat bottom pouch, flat pouch, side gusset bag, 3 side sealed bag, quad seal bag, box bottom pouches, recyclable coffee bag, recyclable pet food bag, shrink film, recyclable snack bag, digital printing, co-extrusion film, retort pouch, ถุงรีไซเคิล, รีไซเคิลยืนขึ้นกระเป๋า, รีไซเคิลถุงพวย, กระเป๋าด้านล่างแบน, กระเป๋าแบน, กระเป๋าด้านข้าง Buckle, 3 ด้านซีลกระเป๋า, ถุงซีลสี่ด้าน, กระเป๋าด้านล่างกล่อง, ถุงกาแฟนำกลับมาใช้ใหม่, ถุงอาหารสัตว์เลี้ยงรีไซเคิล, ฟิล์มหด, ถุงขนมขบเคี้ยวรีไซเคิล, การพิมพ์ดิจิตอล, ฟิล์ม Coextrusion, ถุง Retort,


Found in 1952, TPN foodpak is the leading recyclable laminated flexible food packaging factory. We are doing custom printing service for private label. We are serving both domestic market and export market.

We are ISO9001 certified factory, care about the quality. Every bag we sell are with high quality control QC. We have full lines of printing machines, rotogravure, flexo and digital printing machines. With our state of art facility, the good quality laminated packaging is guarantee.

Food packaging are our key product, and this is the main market for recyclable food packaging. We have mono-material high barrier PE pouches, this is 100% fully recyclable.

Our sustainable flexible packaging will definitely make us very competitive in the market.

2) Prepack

Company type: Manufacturer, wholesaler, custom printing supplier,

Year found: 1986

Main products: recyclable stand pouches, recyclable pouches, recyclable barrier food packaging, recyclable laminated food packaging, roll stock, barrier roll film, rice bag, personal care bag, hygiene packaging, frozen food bag, food packaging, snack bag, chemical packaging, industrial packaging, รีไซเคิลยืนขึ้นถุง, ถุงรีไซเคิล, รีไซเคิลบรรจุภัณฑ์อาหาร Barrier, รีไซเคิลบรรจุภัณฑ์อาหารลามิเนต, เว็บ, Barrier ม้วนฟิล์ม, ถุงข้าว, ถุงดูแลส่วนบุคคล, บรรจุภัณฑ์สุขาภิบาล, ถุงอาหารแช่แข็ง, บรรจุภัณฑ์อาหาร, ถุงขนมขบเคี้ยว, บรรจุภัณฑ์เคมี, บรรจุภัณฑ์อุตสาหกรรม,


PREPACK is a professional barrier food packaging supplier in Thailand. Our high quality printing solutions and state of the art bag converting facilities are making our good quality packaging. Our advanced factory is with high tech concept everywhere. Hygienic packaging is our core products, dust free workshop will make sure we are providing quality food packaging and medical packaging for all of our customers.

We are cost competitive, we are flexible, we are fast delivery, and we are reliable.

Eco-friendly packaging is also our advantages, you can find compostable and recyclable packaging from us.

Company type: Manufacturer, wholesaler, custom printing supplier,

Year found: 2003

Main products: recyclable soft plastic packaging, recyclable stand up pouch, zipper pouches, spout pouches, non-food pouches, daily product packaging, liquid packaging,


ATARFLEX is one of the leading flexible packaging companies in the food industry in Thailand.

We invest a lot on innovations of flexible packaging, and new technology, new materials of the packaging.

Quality is our key value, our professional workers with high class product lines are making us good quality packaging products guarantee.

We also focus on social responsibility. That’s why we also focus on sustainable flexible packaging, eco-friendly products, low emission production lines. Everything we do are saving energy for our next generation.

We already built mutual benefit with our customers. We are always their first choice whenever they need flexible packaging.

Company type: Manufacturer, wholesaler, custom printing supplier, importer,

Year found: 1965

Main products: recyclable medical packaging, recyclable flat pouches, stand up pouches, roll film for autopack machine, coffee bag, candy bag, food bag, side gusset bag, flat bottom bag,


SEP is originally from Hongkong. It firstly distributes of all kinds of flexible packaging overseas. Later we set up our own production factory. With joint venture of Tohoku Shiko Company from Japan, we are then one of the leading barrier flexible packaging supplier in Thailand.

We focus on lamination flexible packaging, we have printing machines, co-extrusion machines, lamination machines and bag converting machines.

Our good quality and low cost packaging are helping our customers stand out from the market and competition. That’s also why we are always their first choice whenever they need plastic packaging.

Company type: Manufacturer, wholesaler, custom printing supplier,

Year found: 1988

Main products: Roller, Center seal pouch, Standing pouch, Three side seal pouch, K seal pouch, Zipper bag, Glue lid V cut pouch, Pin hole pouch, T-shirt bag


Technic Gravure was found in 1988, it is not the leading barrier laminated flexible packaging supplier in Thailand. We are trying to be the best in our industry.

We understand that packaging is not only to pack products, but also a marketing strategy to make the product stand out from the competition. A beautiful design, high quality finishing will definitely help to boost sales.

We are serving frozen food bag, snack bag, bakery bag, fresh food bag, etc. we make all kinds of recyclable high barrier food packaging.

Customer is our priority, with the best quality packaging and excellent service, we are making all of our customers happy with us.

A Better choice: You can buy recyclable flexible packaging from China directly: Lower price with good quality. 

What Longdapac Can Help?

Longdapac is the leading flexible packaging manufacturer from China since 1991. We focus on sustainable flexible packaging as you can see below:

100% Fully Recyclable High Barrier Mono-Material PE Pouches

High Barrier MDO-PE Film


PCR Pouches

Longdapac is the first high barrier MDO-PE film manufacturer in China and it is the first high barrier mono-material PE pouch manufacturer in China. ( MDO-PE / PE and MDO-PE / High barrier MDO-PE / PE)

With this materials, we can make recyclable stand pouch pouch, gusset bag, recyclable flat bottom pouch, flat pouch, etc.

Longdapac recyclable high barrier mono-material PE pouches can meet the recyclability of:

Longdapac is a BRC and ISO certified factory with annual capacity of more than 25,000 tons.

And we are also a leading company of hevy duty PE open mouth bags and PE valve bags from 10kg, 25kg, to 70kg. 

As leading flexible packaging companies in China, basically Longdapac can satisfy all your recyclable flexible packaging needs, both standard and high barrier.



This article is written by Longdapac.

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