Top 5 PE Valve Bag Companies in South Korea

PE Open Mouth Bags And PE Valve Bag are packaging bags made of polyethylene (PE) material with an open mouth design, which means they have no closure system or seal. These bags are commonly used for packaging and transporting various types of products, such as fertilizer, grains, powders, and chemicals.

PE Open Mouth Bags are often preferred over other types of bags because they are recyclable, lightweight, durable, water resistant and cost-effective. They can also be easily printed with custom graphics or branding, making them a great marketing tool for businesses.

Normally it is heavy duty PE open mouth bags which can pack 8kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 50kg and up to 70 kg. 

Today we will list the 5 best PE Valve sacks companies in South Korea.

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Top 5 PE Valve Bag Companies in South Korea


Company type: manufacturer, factory, custom print supplier

Year found: 1998

Main Products: PE open mouth bag, PE sack, PE poly bag, PE poly sack, RE roll bag, sheet bag, PE valve bag, PE block bottom valve bag, PINCH bag, paper bag, PP woven bag, fertilizer bag, FIBC


Found in 1998, SHINIL PNS is one of the largest PE valve bag manufacturers in South Korea. We have total 700 customers both domestic market and over sea markets.

We are not only a packaging company, but also helping our customers in the business. We will provide a total packaging solution for our customers and make them happy. We will keep invest in the latest packaging technology and facility, and deliver the best quality bags to our customers.

We have big product capacity, fast delivery, good quality, excellent printing, and competitive price. All these makes us a successful PE sack bag supplier.

Company type: manufacturer, factory, custom print supplier

Year found: 1961

Main Products: Sack Type, Valve Sack, Open Mouth Bag, S-bag, Multiply shopping bag, Thermal Bag, Virgin bag, Moisture Protection, Sack Air Perforation, Valve Types, Easy open, 보온 보냉 백, 방습효과, 에어레이션, 밸브의 기능, paper sack


KPC is the biggest paper sack company in South Korea. Established in 1961, we only focus on paper sacks.

Our paper valve sack can be used in building materials, cements, chemicals, food ingredient, fertilizer, etc.

We have world class production facility, skillful workers, good quality raw materials. All these are guarantee of good quality products.

We also focus on sustainable packaging. Paper is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

We will keep improving our paper sack products and make sure we are always the best supplier for our customers.

Company type: manufacturer, factory, custom print supplier

Year found: 1983

Main Products: TILB, (Tubular Inside Laminated Bag), Non-Laminated Bag, Liner Bag, Coating Bag, Perfect Sealer, Container Bag, Roll, Flexible Packaging


HWI, the company developed along with customers, strives even at this very moment to provide products and services exceeding customers’ expectations by aiming for perfect quality based on outstanding technology

Though HWI’s half-century successful experience, the company will keep developing through constant passion and challenging spirit for better recognition and affection of customers. Thank you.

Company type: manufacturer, factory, custom print supplier

Year found: 1968

Main Products: Sandwich Bag, Film insert Bag, Laminating Bag, BOPP Bag, Manufactured box, Courier box, Fish box, Collarbox


Since 1968, Shinjinpack is now a world class Korean PE open mouth bag factory. Our 50 years experience make us the leading company in this packaging field. And we are head to 100 years enterprise.

We are smart factory, we use high tech facility in our factory, with professional workers. So we can make the best quality packaging. Everything is automation and innovative.

We are one of the biggest PP sack exporters in Republic of Korea, our world class quality and competitive prices are enable us to be very good supplier in the global market.

Company type: manufacturer, factory, custom print supplier

Year found: 2005

Main Products: PP LAMI Bag, SANDWICH BAG, BAG FOR SEAFOOD, PP-Woven bag, PE valve bag, PE block bottom bag, PE sack, FIBC,


We are a leading company in industrial packaging area in South Korea. Our packaging is using in petrochemical, mining, grocery, agricultural, fertilizer and fisheries areas.

We are keep invest on new technology so we will make sure we are leading the market trend.

We will control the cost, quality, production lead time very well, to make sure we are competitive.

Sustainability is also very important for our company. We will make sure we are Eco friendly company. Consume less energy and make recyclable packaging.

A Better choice: You can buy recyclable flexible packaging from China directly: Lower price with good quality. 

What Longdapac Can Help?

Longdapac is the leading flexible packaging manufacturer from China since 1991. We focus on sustainable flexible packaging as you can see below:

100% Fully Recyclable High Barrier Mono-Material PE Pouches

High Barrier MDO-PE Film


Longdapac is the first high barrier MDO-PE film manufacturer in China and it is the first high barrier mono-material PE pouch manufacturer in China. ( MDO-PE / PE and MDO-PE / High barrier MDO-PE / PE)

With this materials, we can make recyclable stand pouch pouch, gusset bag, recyclable flat bottom pouch, flat pouch, etc.

Longdapac recyclable high barrier mono-material PE pouches can meet the recyclability of:

Longdapac is a BRC and ISO certified factory with annual capacity of more than 25,000 tons.

And we are also a leading company of hevy duty PE open mouth bags and PE valve bags from 10kg, 25kg, to 70kg. 

As leading flexible packaging companies in China, basically Longdapac can satisfy all your recyclable flexible packaging needs, both standard and high barrier.



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