Top 7 Recyclable Food Packaging Companies in Japan

Recyclable food packaging refers to packaging materials that can be collected, processed and returned to the production process to make new packaging or other products. These materials can be recycled multiple times without losing their quality, reducing the need for new materials and cutting down on waste. It’s important to note that not all packaging materials are recyclable and it’s important to check the recycling guidelines in your area to see what materials are accepted for recycling.

Today we will list the 7 best recyclable food packaging manufacturers in Japan.

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Top 7 Recyclable Food Packaging Companies in Japan

Company type: manufacturer, wholesaler, custom print supplier

Year found: 2010

Main products: recyclable food packaging, spout pouches, cosmetic packaging, chemical packaging, food packaging, recyclable coffee bag, recyclable tea bag, recyclable pet food bag


PacPlus is a professional food packaging company in Japan. We develop containers and pouches with highest quality and environmental sound function.

We provide one stop packaging solution. From design, to manufacturing, and shipping. We can even provide filling equipment too.

PacPlus is proving more than packaging. We can also help you in your branding. Our good design team will give you fresh packaging ideas, and innovative packaging proposal. All of that will help you to stand out from the competition.

We are intellectually creative packaging manufacturer, we are here to help.

Company type: manufacturer, wholesaler, custom print supplier

Year found: 1994

Main products: recyclable flat bag, 3 side bag, 3 side bag with zipper, back seal bag, gusset bag, bottom gusset bag, stand up pouch, stand chuck bag, side seal bag, bottom seal bag, 二方袋, 三方袋, チャック付三方袋, 合掌袋(背張り), ガゼット袋, 底ガゼット袋, スタンド袋, スタンドチャック袋, サイドシール袋, ボトムシール袋, 高機能包材、機能性包材、電子レンジ対応パウチ、ラミネート袋、スパウトパウチ、アルミ袋、チャック付パウチ、スタンドパック、多層チューブ袋、ポリプロピレン袋、ポリエチレン袋、チャック付袋、ヘッダー付袋、不織布袋、シュリンク包装、環境対応フィルムなど。


Established in 1994, Yagihiro is a leading manufacturer and trading company in Japan. We carry lots of flexible packaging materials. From film, to laminated film, to pre-made bag.

Laminated products, multi-layered tube bags, spout pouches, high-performance packaging materials, and flexible packaging materials such as functional packaging materials are produced in high quality and small lots (from 2,000m and 4,000m).・We accept water-based flexographic printing ). Please feel free to contact us.

Company type: manufacturer, wholesaler, custom print supplier

Year found: 1922

Main products: BARRIALON- SF films, BARRIALON-S film, high barrier food packaging film,


Asahi Kasei Group is a diversified manufacturer centered on chemistry, founded in 1922 with the purpose of “improving people’s standard of living by supplying an abundance of the highest-quality daily necessities at the lowest prices.”

The history of the Asahi Kasei Group is rooted in Japan’s first ammonia production by chemical synthesis, using hydroelectric power, which formed the basis for our synthetic chemicals and chemical fibers businesses. Since then, we have continued to proactively diversify and adapt our operating portfolio in accordance with changes in the economy, changes in society, and changes in the environment.

Company type: manufacturer, wholesaler, custom print supplier

Year found: 1962

Main products: recyclable food pouches, stand up pouches, bottom gusset pouches, zippered gusset pouch, flat bottom pouches, TM pack, high cut pouch, lip pack series, microwavable pouch, 平袋・スタンド袋, 注ぎ口付, フィルム, 型抜き加工, 米袋, ストロングパック


Found in 1962, we have no become one of the leading food packaging provider in Japan after more than 60 years development.

We understand our customer, we know what they need, we listen to them, and then we provide our best packaging proposal.

We have a vest variety of packaging products, which is able to meet all the packaging needs from customers. No matter is for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronic materials, industrial materials, etc.

Company type: manufacturer, wholesaler, custom print supplier

Year found: 1933

Main products: recyclable flexible package, roll films for pillow, 3 sealed package, pillow package, label film, stand up pouch, doy pack, shrink label, compostable packaging, recyclable packaging, デイリー用製品, 冷凍用製品, ラミネート製品, フタ材, チャック袋/変形袋/スタンディングパウチ, 軟包装製品, 変形特殊袋, 合掌袋, 三方袋, ガゼット袋, スタンディングパウチ, トムソン, ロールラベル, リサイクル可能


Found in 1933, we are focus on the future on the packaging. Packaging is warmth, beauty, and fun, packaging is more than packaging, but something related to your branding.

New Packaging means new marketing, and new packaging for new markets. There are always new product trend today, that’s why we need to bring new packaging. We will make innovative from packaging materials, which will be eco-friendly, compostable and recyclable. We will also need to focus on new packaging design, to be beautiful and stylish.

Sustainability is so important today, at the time we need to care about packaging quality in barrier function, we will also need to think about green packaging.

Company type: manufacturer, wholesaler, custom print supplier

Year found: 1934

Main products: Environmentally friendly package, digital printing, WOCs, Linedeco, retort pouch, zipper bag, slider bag, standing pouch, FB pouch, shrink label, cap seal, R bag shrink label, Standard bag, デジタル印刷, WOC, Linedeco, レトルトパウチ, チャック袋, スライダー袋, スタンディングパウチ, FBパウチ, トランパック, シュリンクラベル, キャップシール, R製袋シュリンクラベル, 規格袋, フィルム包装, ラベル, セロファン, ロスレス 鮮度保持パッケー, REBIOS(レビオス); フレキシブルコンテナ, ポリエチレン重袋, クラフト紙袋, 軟包装製品, 重包装製品, かいしゅうかのうほうそう, フレキシブルパッケージ, PE開ポケット、PE弁袋、化学肥料PE袋、PE樹脂袋、化学粉末PE袋


Since our founding in 1934, we have always worked hand in hand with our customers. We are a manufacturer specializing in flexible packaging, performing plate making, printing, lamination, slitting and bag making processes in our own factory.

Our management philosophy is “We will continue to be a company where everyone thinks that Nitto Pack is safe for flexible packaging.” We are here.

As a packaging material professional, we not only provide a stable supply of safe and secure packages, but also respond accurately to customer needs and constantly think of new possibilities for packaging materials and make proposals to our customers. We would like to continue to move forward as a partner of our customers.

Company type: manufacturer, wholesaler, custom print supplier

Year found: 1946

Main products: recyclable food packaging, recyclable high barrier laminated food packaging, recyclable mono-material high barrier PE pouches, spout pouch, stand up pouch, 3 side seal bag,


Since our founding in 1946, we have consistently produced high-quality products under strict quality control. We will combine our commitment to “further quality improvement”, “diversifying needs”, “environmental conservation”, etc. with the new possibilities of the future, and evolve the production system that matches the needs with the times. increase.


Wcquired ISO 9001/14001 certification and produce Earth-friendly packaging. Operation of VOC equipment make us eco-friendly and fast delivery.

A Better choice: You can buy recyclable flexible packaging from China directly: Lower price with good quality. 

What Longdapac Can Help?

Longdapac is the leading flexible packaging manufacturer from China since 1991. We focus on sustainable flexible packaging as you can see below:

100% Fully Recyclable High Barrier Mono-Material PE Pouches

High Barrier MDO-PE Film


Longdapac is the first high barrier MDO-PE film manufacturer in China and it is the first high barrier mono-material PE pouch manufacturer in China. ( MDO-PE / PE and MDO-PE / High barrier MDO-PE / PE)

With this materials, we can make recyclable stand pouch pouch, gusset bag, recyclable flat bottom pouch, flat pouch, etc.

Longdapac recyclable high barrier mono-material PE pouches can meet the recyclability of:

Longdapac is a BRC and ISO certified factory with annual capacity of more than 25,000 tons.

And we are also a leading company of hevy duty PE open mouth bags and PE valve bags from 10kg, 25kg, to 70kg. 

As leading flexible packaging companies in China, basically Longdapac can satisfy all your recyclable flexible packaging needs, both standard and high barrier.



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