Top 8 MDO-PE Film Manufacturers in The World 2023

MDO-PE film means the PE is made by MDO (Machine Direction Orientation) technology. MDO-PE films are the type films that are extruded by heating the PE resin at a temperature slightly below the melting point and then the PE is stretched several times in a machine direction. After that the PE film’s new properties are locked during the annealing stage; and finally cool down.

Currently MDO-PE film is the hottest film material in flexible packaging. The film structure MDO-PE / PE makes 100% recyclable mono-material PE pouches possible.

As we know many countries set up packaging targets in 2025 that the packaging will either recyclable, compostable, reusable or with PCR materials; and the mono-material PE pouch is the perfect solution to achieve packaging target. So it is foreseeable that there will be a rapid growth for MDO-PE film in the next couple years. 

The high barrier MDO-PE film will make it even possible to replace most of the laminated flexible packaging. Normally the mono-material PE pouch film structure as follow: 


High Barrier MDO-PE / PE

MDO-PE / High Barrier MDO-PE / PE

The final OTR and WVTR for the laminated PE film:

OTR: 0.5 – 2

WVTR: 0.8 – 3.5

Today we will list the 10 best MDO-PE film manufacturers in the world 2023

 It’s an in-depth article that takes 30 minutes to read. 

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Top 8 MDO-PE Film Manufacturers In The World 2023

Company type: Manufacturer, exporter,

Year found: 1991

Main products: MDO-PE film, High Barrier MDO-PE film, 100% recyclable high barrier mono-material PE pouches, recyclable flat bottom pouches, recyclable stand up pouches, recyclable spout pouches, recyclable coffee bags with valve and tin tie, recyclable pet food bags, recyclable dog food bags, recyclable cat food bags, recyclable horse feed bag, Recyclable Form Fill Seal FFS PE bags, Heavy duty PE bags up to 25kg & 50kg, Heavy duty PE Bag with valve, FFS heavy duty PE Tubular, Recyclable tea bag, recyclable pouches, Single material laminated PE pouches, rollstock rewind,

ongdapc High Barrier MDO-PE Film

Found in 1991, Longdapac is a leading flexible laminated packaging manufacturer in China with annual capacity more than 25, 000 tons.

We are the first MDO-PE film and High Barrier MDO-PE film manufacturer in China. This will help us leading the marketing of MDO-PE film. This will also help us to make 100% recyclable high barrier mono-material PE pouches with the film structure of MDO-PE / PE, or High Barrier MDO-PE / PE. This is fully recyclable pouches which will fit the 2025 sustainable packaging goal.

The MDO-PE film and high barrier MDO-PE film are good to replace PET, metalized PET and foil in laminating flexible packagings. It can make 100% recyclable high barrier PE pouches which used to pack coffee, tea, pet food, snack food, juice, medical, cosmetic products etc. The barrier can be lower than 1 of both OTR and WVTR.

The company business is with rapid growth rate for eco-friendly materials, and we are confident that we can make great contribution to sustainability packaging. We also have PCR PE with GRS certificates.

With BRC and ISO certificates, we also focus on reducing emissions during production and make sure our production is not making impact on the environment.  

Company type: Manufacturer

Year found: 1976

Main products: Paper label, film label, linerless label, adhesive, liners, PCR film, wash-off label, forest film, MDO-PE,

UPM Raflatac

UPM Raflatac is your partner to help you build your brands.

Since 1970s, UPM is trying to be a leading supplier of label materials in the world. Today, we have a wide variety of high performing self adhesive paper and film products; this will help to build their brands to success.


Everyday we are making progress in product development. We continuously add innovative ideas and products in value chain. We are sure to meet your needs in branding and printing purpose.


We also focus more on sustainability. We spend lots of efforts on sustainable products and services which will help our customers to meet their sustainability targets.


No matter what industry you are in, no matter what kind of company you are in, our world wide 12 factories will happy to help with your brand needs.

Company type: Manufacturer

Year found: 1951

Main products: MDOPE film,

CCL Label Eclipse Films

CCL Label Elipse Films is focus on production of MDO film. We are working hard to make the highest quality of film. We are trying to provide innovative products that it is new in the market.

We are partnering with W&H, we use their innovative, high quality film production lines. These state of the art machines will help us produce highest quality film in the market.

Our goal is to bring the best products to our customers. With the support of our professional teams and all the equipments supported by W&H, we will be able to provide efficient production process in the film industry. Our high performance film material will help our customer competitive in the market. And get economic advantages in the market.

Company type: Manufacturer

Year found: 1897

Main products: Additives and Modifiers, Adhesives and Sealants, Amines and Chelates, Conductive Materials, Elastomers and Plastomers, Foam Control Agents, Gels, Encapsulants and Conformal Coatings, Intermediates and Feedstocks, Lubricants, Heat Transfer and Deicing Fluids, Monomers, Optical Materials, Plastic Additives, Polyethylene, Polyurethanes, Release Coatings and Agents, Resins, Binders and Film, Formers, Silicones, Silicone-Organic Hybrids and Silanes, Solvents and Glycols, Specialty Polymers and Compounds, Surfactants, Emulsifiers and Polyglycols, MDO PE film, high barrier MDO-PE film

Dow Inc

Dow is a leading and diversified chemical company in the world. The company applies the principle of sustainability to chemistry and innovation, and is committed to solving many challenges in the world today, such as meeting the demand for clean water, improving energy efficiency, realizing the production of renewable energy, and increasing crop production.


With its leading businesses in specialty chemistry, high-tech materials, agricultural science and plastics, Dow provides customers in 160 countries and regions around the world with a wide range of products and services, which are used in high-speed developing markets such as electronic products, water treatment, energy, coatings and agriculture. In 2009, Dow had 52000 employees worldwide, operated 214 production bases in 37 countries, and produced more than 5000 kinds of products.

Company type: Manufacturer

Year found: 1935

Main products: Cut Vinyl Films, Digitally Printable Films, Intelligent Labels, Intelligent Food Industry Solutions, Intelligent Logistics Solutions, Intelligent Retail Solutions, Microreplication, Noise & Vibration Management Tapes & Adhesives, Precision Injection and Extrusion Molded Fastener Solutions, Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Materials

Avery Dennison Corporation

Avery Dennison is a multi-national company. We have total more than 36,000 employees in locations of more than 50 countries.


We supply a variety of labeling and functional materials to help your branding. This will make your packaging display information to the end customers and increase the sales.


We serve a lot of industries included: home, personal care, apparel, e-commerce, logistics, food, grocery, pharmaceuticals and automotive.


Sustainability is always our company core competence. We invest a lot on sustainable products, so we can meet sustainability goals in 2025. We have passion, spirit, innovative, professional skills and hard workers, all these will help our products stand out from the market, and leading the trend.

Company type: Manufacturer, Importer, distributor,

Year found: 1951

Main products: BOPP Films, BOPA Nylon Films, PVC Shrink, Matte Coated OPET, OPET Films, Tensilized PP/PE Films, CPP Cast Polypropylene, Pressure Sensitive Films – Coated & Uncoated, MDOPE film

MJW International

MJW International is mainly focus on manufacturing all kinds of films: BOPP, OPET, BOPA Nylon, Cast Polypropylene (CPP), Matte Coated OPET, MOPP, PVC Shrink, PETG shrink, OPP Shrink, HDPE shrink, and coated & uncoated films. We have facilities in India, China, Indonesia and Germany.


We always focus on highest quality products. Our previous track record is gaining us reputation in the film industry. We are always on time, and we are always with highest quality and service.

We have strong industry experience so we know what will be the market trend. Our competitive cost will definitely benefiting your product pricing.

Company type: Manufacturer

Year found: 1988

Main products: MDO-PE film, recycled film, laminate film, sustainable waste bags, PP woven bags made of recycled material, reusable mesh bags, shopping bags made of recycled material, compostable waste bags, compostable shopping bags, compostable fruit and vegetable bags,

Plasbel Plásticos S.A.U.

Walki Plasbel makes a sustainable and circular economic future.

We are working hard on the circular economy business. Our goal is to make our customers growth with more sustainable production, resource saving and eco friendly branding.


In Walki Plasbel we offer innovative solutions of all kinds of films, especially PE films to our customers. This will sure help our customers more competitive in their business. Our highest quality film products with sustainable solution will help customers in all industries included: retail brands, public and private entities. We will always provide professional service to fulfill customer’s needs.

Company type: Manufacturer

Year found: 1869

Main products: EXTRUSION, Blown film lines, Cast film lines, Automation & Assistance, Winders, Stretching unit, Woven lines, Retrofits, PRINTING, CI Flexo Presses, Stack-Type Flexo Presses, Rotogravure Presses, Inspection & Automation Systems, Winding Systems, CONVERTING, New Paper Sack Line, Tuber, Bottomer

Material flow & Palletising, Converting systems, Form, Fill and Seal, Small Bags/ Carrier Bags Machines, MDO PE film

W&H Group

Found in 1869, W&H Group is the leader in providing machines in the flexible packaging market. We have passion and we are innovative.


Our products include high performance machinery of film extrusion, printing and converting. We also specialized in large sacks, paper bags and second hand machines.

We provide expert consultation before your purchase. We provide the highest standard machinery and delivery. We provide engineering for installation and operation. And after sales service in your daily operations.


Our machines are with the highest technology, they can produce the highest quality products in the market so our customers can maintain competitive advantages in their business.


We are operating in over 130 countries with more than 5,000 customers. All these are comes from our track record reputations.

We also focus on sustainability. We will make sure our innovative products will help our customers achieve their sustainable goals in 2025.

What Longdapac Can Help?

Longdapac is the leading flexible packaging manufacturer from China since 1991. We focus on sustainable flexible packaging as you can see below:

100% Fully Recyclable High Barrier Mono-Material PE Pouches

High Barrier MDO-PE Film


Longdapac is the first high barrier MDO-PE film manufacturer in China and it is the first high barrier mono-material PE pouch manufacturer in China. ( MDO-PE / PE and MDO-PE / High barrier MDO-PE / PE)

Longdapac recyclable high barrier mono-material PE pouches can meet the recyclability of:

Longdapac is a BRC and ISO certified factory with annual capacity of more than 25,000 tons.

As leading flexible packaging companies in China, basically Longdapac can satisfy all your recyclable flexible packaging needs, both standard and high barrier.



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