Top 8 Recyclable Stand Up Pouches Companies in New Zealand

Stand-up pouches are a type of flexible packaging that is made from a variety of materials such as plastic, aluminum, and paper. Some stand-up pouches are recyclable, while others are not. The recyclability of stand-up pouches depends on the type of materials used in their construction and whether or not local recycling facilities are equipped to handle them.

In general, stand-up pouches made from polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) are recyclable, while those made from other types of plastic may not be. To recycle stand-up pouches, they must be clean, dry and free of food residue. it’s important to check with your local recycling facility to see if they accept stand-up pouches and any specific instructions they may have for their recycling.

The current best choices of recyclable stand up pouches material structures are as follows:

Mono-material PE stand up pouches

Mono-material PP stand up pouches

Today we will list the 10 best recyclable stand up pouches manufacturers in China.

 It’s an in-depth article that takes 20 minutes to read. 

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Top 8 Recyclable Stand Up Pouches Companies in New Zealand

1) Covex

Company type: Manufacturer, custom printing supplier, importer, exporter, wholesaler

Year found: 1976

Main products: BOPP Laminates, Carry Bags, Compostable Packaging, Courier Bags, Econic Compostable Packaging for coffee and dry foods, Form fill Seal film, Freezer Bags, Greensack™, Heavy Duty Bags, High Barrier Laminates, Microwavable Food Packs, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), Pouches Cookie Bake Cookie Time, Packaging Bakels Product Pack Packaging, Fresh Produce Bags, Promotional Posters, Tape & Banners, Recyclable Pouches, Resealable Bags, Rubbish Bags, Shrink Wrap, Sleeve labels, Slider packs, Stretch Wrap, Tape, X-Ray Bags, Zipper Bags

1 Convex

Convex is one of the leading flexible packaging manufacturers in New Zealand. We are dedicate to provide high quality flexible packaging as well as sustainable flexible packaging solutions.

We have extensive experience on flexible packaging knowledge, our professional workers and state of the art facility will guarantee the packaging quality.

Sustainability is our core competence. Our biodegradable pouches and recyclable pouches are leading the market tread of eco friendly packaging.

We are HACCP certified factory, this is allow us to make all food grade packaging.

2) Caspak

Company type: custom printing supplier, importer, exporter, wholesaler

Year found: 1992

Main products: recyclable stand up pouches, recyclable spout pouches, recyclable pouches, box pouches, lidding film, retort pouch, side gusset pouch, vacuum pouch,

2 Caskpak

Caspak is a leading flexible packaging company in New Zealand. We have been imported flexible packaging to New Zealand market for more than 30 years. Our strong relationship with our suppliers and customers are making us one of the good packaging agents in the market.

We focus on innovative design, fast delivery and low cost.

Environmental sound packaging is our advantage. Our strong buying power will allow us to source compostable and biodegradable & recyclable pouches, then ship to New Zealand market.

No matter you are small new company or large company, we can always work with you and find the best packaging solution for you.

Company type: custom printing supplier, importer, exporter, wholesaler

Year found: 1999

Main products: recyclable pouches, Asbestos Removal Bags, Barrier Tape, Bread Bags, Compost / Landscape Bags, Courier Bags, Flow Wrap, Form Fill & Seal, Ice Bags, Layflat Tubing, Liners, Minigrip / Polygrip Bags, Pallet Caps & Covers, Plastic Dust Collector Bags, Poly Bags, Sheets, Shrink Film, Spray Guards, Textile Covers, Timber Wrap, Wicketed Bags

3 Polyprint

Polyprint is New Zealand owned and operated flexible packaging company. We have lots of low density, high density and co-extruded film bags. And we also make laminated pouches.

Custom printing is our key competence. We understand that private label is so important for a company, and we also understand that marketing and branding is good for the development too. So we are focus on custom printing which will enable us to help all of our customers better position their brands in the market.

We are offering one stop packaging solution to our customers. From film selection, bag type, design, printing, converting and shipping. We are always here to help.

Company type: custom printing supplier, importer, exporter, wholesaler

Year found: 1995

Main products: Recyclable coffee bag, recyclable pouches, flat bottom coffee bag, side gusset coffee bag, stand up pouch coffee bag with valve,

4 Jet Technologies

Jet Technologies is a professional importer and distributor. We provide a complete set of products for the rigid and flexible packaging industry, industrial manufacturing industry, and printing and precision processing industry. As a rapidly developing enterprise, we have been leading in our field for over 30 years. Our employees are industry experts with the knowledge and practical skills to provide high-quality products, as well as excellent customer service.

Jet Technologies remains an Australian family owned enterprise that meets a wide range of needs through printing, packaging, and industrial solutions. We have offices and warehouses in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia, proud of our strong family values, investment in employees, and building long-term relationships.

Company type: custom printing supplier, importer, exporter, wholesaler

Year found: 2008

Main products: recyclable Flexible Roll Films, Preformed Pouches,Poly Bags & Liners, Compostable Products, stand up pouches, spout pouches, quad style pouches, 3 side seal pouch, flat bottom pouches,

5 Copack

COPACK is a New Zealand owned company. We are specialized in flexible packaging business and service.

We have operation centers in major cities of New Zealand, this will help us react fast and serve our customers well. We have our own manufacturing facility as well as import from other countries. Our professional supply chain will help us to get the lowest cost product which with good quality.

We care about environment, and we focus on eco-friendly packaging. Currently we have 100% recyclable mono-material PE pouches. This is single PE material and fully recyclable. And it can be with high barrier for better protect the product.

A Better choice: You can buy recyclable flexible packaging from China directly: Lower price with good quality. 

What Longdapac Can Help?

Longdapac is the leading flexible packaging manufacturer from China since 1991. We focus on sustainable flexible packaging as you can see below:

100% Fully Recyclable High Barrier Mono-Material PE Pouches

High Barrier MDO-PE Film


PCR Pouches

Longdapac is the first high barrier MDO-PE film manufacturer in China and it is the first high barrier mono-material PE pouch manufacturer in China. ( MDO-PE / PE and MDO-PE / High barrier MDO-PE / PE)

With this materials, we can make recyclable stand pouch pouch, gusset bag, recyclable flat bottom pouch, flat pouch, recyclable retort pouches etc.

Longdapac recyclable high barrier mono-material PE pouches can meet the recyclability of:

Longdapac is a BRC and ISO certified factory with annual capacity of more than 25,000 tons.

And we are also a leading company of hevy duty PE open mouth bags and PE valve bags from 10kg, 25kg, to 70kg. 

As leading flexible packaging companies in China, basically Longdapac can satisfy all your recyclable flexible packaging needs, both standard and high barrier.



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