What is Flat Bottom Pouch? Your Ultimate Guide

What is flat bottom pouch?

Flat bottom pouch is the pouch with flat bottom, so all together the pouch has five sides: front, back, left, right and bottom side. This is a unique type of premade pouch with five panels of printable surface for a on-shelf brand building. It is more stable on shelves and easy to stack proving convenience both to retailers and consumers.

Other names: Flat bottom pouches, flat bottom bags, box bottom pouches, box pouches.

Nowadays, with the further development of market economy, when purchasing products, the public is increasingly developing from both practicability and appearance. Therefore, in order to attract more attention of consumers, brands have various forces on packaging.

As for packaging bags, flat bottom pouches are also more and more loved by the public. It can be regarded as the “one of the most selected” in the packaging market. It has won everyone’s love with its own advantages. Of course, its manufacturing and design are more complicated than ordinary packaging bags.

Today we will give ultimate guide on what is flat bottom pouch.

 It’s an in-depth article that takes 25 minutes to read. 

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What is Flat Bottom Pouch? Your Ultimate Guide

1) How does flat bottom pouch made?

Customized made flat bottom pouch is a very rigorous thing. There needs to be a process to ensure the quality and production efficiency. In this way, we can better supply flat bottom bags for customers.


  • 1. Customization process of flat bottom pouch:

Basic pouch information confirmation: These characteristics include bag material, thickness, bag size and bag type included zipper info, which should be understood before customization of all food packaging bags


  • 2. Artwork design: Artwork design is so important for brand building. There are all together 5 sizes. Front, back, left, right and bottom. It is better if you can make design on all 5 sides. So you can show more info on the pouch.


  • 3. Printing plate making. Plate making is directly related to the color printing effect of flat bottom pouches. If you want to make exquisite packaging bags, you must make fine printing plates. Plate making is based on the design artwork, and the printing plate quantity is also based on the artwork.

Note: Printing plate is for rotogravure printing. While no need for Flexo printing.


  • 4. Printing: Printing is so important during flat bottom pouch production. The printing quality will highly related to the final bag quality.  We will make printing on the printing film layer.


  • 5. Lamination: Normally there is more than one layer of film for flat bottom pouch. So we will laminate 2 or more layers of film together.


  • 6. Aging: After the lamination, the film strength is not stable and can not be used immediately. It needs to be aging. Generally, it is put into the constant temperature aging room for 24-48 hours to fully volatilize and dry the water and solvent in the viscose.


  • 7. Slitting: Then we will need to slit the film into the size we need, and ready to make bags.


  • 8. Bag making. We will use the automatic packaging machine to make the flat bottom pouch. This machine is much bigger and more expensive than side gusset bag machine and stand up pouch machine.

2) Benefits of flat bottom pouches

There are so many benefits of flat bottom pouch, and that’s why makes it so popular in the market.

1. Superior stability
The flat bottom pouch has better stability than other bags. Its bottom is a completely flat side. It can stand very well especially when product filled in. No matter it is in transportation, on-shelf, or consumption, it has brought great convenience to all of us.

2. Better seal strength
There are all together 8 heat seals, which mean all sides are sealing together. The seal width is from 5mm to 10mm which will be strong enough to hold the

3. Superb protection
The pouch has flat bottom, so there are plenty of room on the bottom. Unlike the flat bag or side gusset bags that they don’t have any room on the bottom and needs to fold. So it is better for the product filled. And it is also better protection during transportation cause it is flat and stable. The flat bottom pouch is also stable on shelf; no falling also means good protection.

4. Distinctive look
The flat bottom bag has a stronger three-dimensional feeling than other bags. No other pouches can match the flat bottom pouch in three-dimensional sense. This shape is very eye-catching which can always leave a deep impression.

5. Better brand building
A flat bottom pouch with more sides than other bags. It has a total of five display surfaces: front, back, left, right and bottom. All the panels can be printed which also means there will be more printed surfaces to show our brand info. As we know there are a lot of mandatory information on food packaging bags, so only two display surfaces of ordinary bags are slightly insufficient. The five display surfaces of the octagonal sealed bag can leave more space for image design and brand design. You can see the artwork designs on front and back, you can also see the custom design on left and right gusset, and you can even print some info on the bottom. This is very good for brand building.

6. More filling volume
Since it is flat on the bottom, so flat bottom pouch can fill more volume. Which also means it can use less material to hold the same volume. This can same material and it is also a great contribution to environmental sustainability.

mono-material recyclable Flat bottom pouches 6

3) What products can flat bottom pouch pack?

Coffee (with Degassing valve, and tin tie)



Pet food




Various dry ingredient food products

All of the dry products.


Actually flat bottom pouch can be used to pack all the products except as retort pouches.


mono-material recyclable Flat bottom pouches 5

4) Flat bottom pouch market outlook

The flat bottom pouches have high demand in the market owing the face that the bag offers shelf stability due to it is sturdy level bottom.

It is laminated pouch with heavy duty function can enable it to pack up to 10kg products. With barrier function on the film, the blocking of oxygen and moisture will also helpful for the food production packaging.

Thus, the outlook for the growth of the global flat bottom pouches market is expected to remain positive increase in the future.

5) Weakness

Actually there is no weakness of the bag itself. But the bag making produces.

  1. The bag making machine is expensive: The flat bottom pouch machine is big, much bigger than side gusset and stand up pouch machine, not to mention the flat pouch machine. So it is easy to understand that the machine is more expensive. Actually from 2 to 5 times more expensive than other pouch making machine.
  2. Higher waste ratio during production: Cause the bag making machine is bigger and more production process. It is easy to understand that there will more steps to set up the machine at the beginning of the production. So there will be more waste.

6) Sustainability: Recyclable barrier mono-material PE flat bottom pouch

Today sustainability is so important in flexible packaging. Which means with the functions of heavy duty and barrier, we will need to consider recyclability. Thanks for the R&D department, Longdapac is now providing the recyclable barrier mono-material flat pouches. This is 100% mono-material PE pouch, (MDOPE laminate to PE), the best recyclability; and barrier functions to protect products from oxygen and moisture. Longdapac is the first Chinese factory to make this recyclable barrier flat bottom pouches with mono-material PE.

Recyclable logo


Flat bottom pouch combines the benefits of side gusset bag and stand up pouch, makes it so special in packaging world. We can foresee that more and more brands will choose flat bottom pouch during production.

This article is written by Longdapac, ( www.longdapac.com), leading recyclable high barrier pouches manufacturer from China. 

Longdapac is also the first Chinese high barrier recyclable PE mono-material pouch manufacturer.

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