What is Recyclable High Barrier Rollstock?

As we know, Recyclable high barrier rollstock refers to a type of packaging material that combines the characteristics of high barrier properties with recyclability. High barrier materials are designed to protect packaged products from external factors like moisture, oxygen, light, and odors, helping to extend the shelf life and maintain the freshness of the contents. Combining these properties with recyclability addresses the environmental concerns associated with packaging waste.

Key features of recyclable high barrier rollstock may include:

High Barrier Properties:

Effective protection against external elements that can degrade the quality of the packaged product. This includes barriers to oxygen, moisture, light, and other factors that may affect the product’s stability and shelf life.


Recyclable Materials:

The use of materials that are designed to be easily recyclable. This often involves selecting specific types of plastics or other materials that can be collected, processed, and reused in the manufacturing of new products.

Currently the most popular laminated film structure is: 100% recyclable  mono-material PE rollstock.


Mono-Material Structures:

Designing the rollstock with mono-material structures, meaning the packaging is made from a single type of material. Mono-material packaging is generally more straightforward to recycle compared to multilayer structures.


Compliance with Recycling Guidelines:

Ensuring that the recyclable high barrier rollstock complies with local recycling guidelines and regulations. This may involve using materials that are widely accepted by recycling facilities.


Sustainability Focus:

Aligning with sustainability goals and environmental considerations. Using recyclable high barrier rollstock demonstrates a commitment to reducing the environmental impact of packaging while still meeting the functional requirements for product protection.

Recyclable high barrier rollstock is particularly relevant in industries where product freshness is critical, such as food and pharmaceuticals. Balancing the need for high barrier properties with recyclability is a challenge that the packaging industry is actively addressing to meet the demand for more sustainable packaging solutions.


As with any packaging material, it’s important for manufacturers to communicate the recyclability and proper disposal instructions to consumers. Additionally, collaboration with local recycling facilities and adherence to industry standards can contribute to the successful integration of recyclable high barrier rollstock into sustainable packaging practices.


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