What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is the balance between economy, consumption and environment. Sustainable development is the development that can meet your present needs while without the cost of future generations.

Sustainability 6

Earth Day is the day that we want to remind the society that sustainability is very important for our world.

From 1950s, when we are talking about sustainability, normally we talk about three Rs:




Reduce means reduce the everyday use of items, especially which will lead to waste. So basically there are two standards for Reduce:

  • Take a look at the things we are using it, and question us whether we really need to use them.
  • Take a look at the waste, and try to minimize the waste.

Reuse is very simple, it means you can get another use out of something that you want to throw out. There are also two things we can do:

  • Please think about whether you can reuse it again before you want to throw out something.
  • Please try not to use disposable products.

Recycle means the act of turning the waste into new things. This cannot be done easily and it is impossible for us to recycle everything. But we are still try our best to have recyclable products, such as plastic packaging, vinyl flooring, glass items, metal items, paper items, etc. What we need to do for recycle is:

  • Collect things that you want to throw out
  • The recycling company will make new things with these collected wastes.

What is sustainability for packaging?

When it comes to packaging nowadays, sustainability normally means below:




Reusable means the packaging is not disposable; it can be used again and again.

Recyclable means the packaging can be recycled to new things after usage.

Compostable means a packaging can break down into natural elements.

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