6 Things You Need to Know About MDO-PE Film

What is MDO-PE film?

MDO-PE film means the PE film is made by MDO technology.

MDO-PE films are the type films that are extruded by heating the PE resin at a temperature slightly below the melting point and then the PE is stretched several times in a machine direction. After that the PE film’s new properties are locked during the annealing stage; and finally cool down. Now MDO-PE film is finished production & ready for use.

MDO technology used to manufacture MDO-PE films requires less material which saves resources and it improve the film properties.

When talking about a film with minimum thickness while maximum performance, MDO-PE film will be definitely one of the answers. But MDO-PE film is still new in the market, it still take times for people to well recognize it.

Today we will talk about 6 things you need to know about MDO-PE film. Hope people will learn more about it after reading.

 It’s an in-depth article that takes 20 minutes to read. 

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6 Things You Need to Know About MDO-PE Film

1) How does MDO-PE film made?

  1. The first step in the MDO-PE production process is extrusion. This needs preheating, where the PE is fed into the stretching unit and evenly warmed to the desired temperature, which is slightly below the melting point.
  2. Then is followed by machine direction orientation, where the film is stretched between a series of rollers that are revolving at different speeds. The MDO PE film will be stretched several times which gives it a shrink index. This shrink value determines the maximum final retraction and sets during the cooling process.
  3. Next, it is the annealing stage; the film’s new properties are locked in and made permanent.
  4. Finally it is cooling process; the MDOPE film is brought back to near room temperature.

2) What are the benefits of MDO-PE film?

Thanks for the MDO technology, there are more benefits of MDO-PE film than regular PE film.

Reduces thickness: MDO-PE film can reach the maximum performance with minimum thickness. So it will use less material to achieve the same or even better quality.

Reduces PE material usage: When you have thinner PE film in production, you will sure reduce PE material usage

Reduces shipping cost: Less PE material means less shipping cost.

High pressure resistance: The MDO-PE film have higher resistance so it can withstand higher pressure. This is helpful in bag making and shipping with filled products

Excellent printability: The material with excellent printability will absolutely help the printing process and make the printing easier and beautiful.

Minimal deformation: The MDO-PE film with higher rigidity so it will perform better in bag formation.

Shock and tear resistance: Higher resistance and rigidity will sure make the film shock and tear resistant

Outstanding optical properties: The film is gloss and transparent.

Barrier MDO-PE film mono-material 1

3) Applications of MDO-PE film

  1. Packaging material: The MDO-PE film can be widely used as packaging material. The film is in maximum performance while with minimum thickness. Together with the benefits of more strength, higher transparent, printability, readability and better optical property will sure make it the first choice for many bag packaging options.
  2. Medical products: MDO-PE can be used to make protective clothing. The enhanced characteristics of MDO-PE film will make the protective clothing with better quality, more durable and higher protection capability. When COVID-19 is still the Pandemic problem all over the world, it is very important to provide the doctors and nurses better protective clothing for production.
  3. Sanitary products: MDO-PE film in sanitary products can withstand frequent usage, moisture resistant, anti-bacterial and fungicidal. This is the perfect material to make incontinence pads; and it can also use as impermeable layer in diaper.
  4. Recyclable pouches: MDO-PE laminates to PE can make mono-material PE pouches. This is eco-friendly 100% recyclable pouches.
  5. Material for Barrier MDO-PE film: with high barrier treatment, the MDO-PE film can be used to make barrier MDO-PE film. This is the most important application cause it will make heavy duty barrier bags recyclable. Before we were using metalized PET or foil for heavy duty barrier bags, but these are not recyclable. While barrier MDO-PE laminate to PE can make mono-material PE pouch, this is high barrier transparent recyclable pouches.
Barrier MDO-PE film mono-material 5

4) Development trend of MDO-PE film

  1. Single layer MDO-PE: As we talk about there are many benefits and applications of MDO-PE film, it is easy to understand that single layer MDO-PE film will be used more and more of these areas
  2. MDO-PE/PE mono material PE pouch: This is the recyclable mono-material pouch. This will help in sustainability.
  3. Barrier MDO-PE/PE mono-material PE pouch: This is barrier transparent recyclable mono-material PE pouch. This will solve the biggest problem in recyclability of barrier pouches. When 2 of the most important materials VMPET and foil are not recyclable, it will be so important to have a packaging material that is recyclable and high barrier. When ALOX barrier film is not stable, EVOH is not mono-material and the barrier function is not that good as barrier MDO-PE, we can now have the conclusion that barrier MDO-PE/PE will be the trend for future heavy duty barrier recyclable pouches. This is the best solution today.
Barrier MDO-PE film mono-material 2

5) How to find the best suppliers for MDO-PE film

There are not so many MDO-PE film suppliers today. But you can still find some in USA and EU.

You can evaluate the MDO-PE film factory with their film quality, company size, price and service.

Below are some of the good suppliers of MDO-PE film.


6) The best MDO-PE film manufacturer from China: Longdapac

Yes we understand that some global packaging giant can produce MDO-PE film. But if you need to find a supplier with lower MOQ and competitive price; you will need to find it from China. Longdapac as the leading MDO-PE supplier from China, can provide good quality product, good service, competitive price and good lead time.

Also as the first barrier MDO-PE film supplier from China, Longdapac is truly the best Chinese MDO-PE film supplier.


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