8 Benefits of High Barrier MDO-PE Film

What is high barrier MDO-PE film?

High barrier MDO-PE film means the MDO-PE film with high barrier treatment. The barrier function will protect your products from oxygen and moisture; and maintain in good quality after long time storage on shelf.

Below an example for barrier MDO-PE film

OTR (oxygen transmission rate): 2 cc/m²

WVTR (Water vapor transmission rate): 2 g/m²

What is MDO-PE film?

MDO-PE film means the PE is made by MDO technology.

MDO-PE films are the type films that are extruded by heating the PE resin at a temperature slightly below the melting point and then the PE is stretched several times in a machine direction. After that the PE film’s new properties are locked during the annealing stage; and finally cool down. Now MDO-PE film is finished production & ready for use.

MDO technology used to manufacture MDO-PE films requires less material which saves resources and it improve the film properties.

MDO-PE is new in the market, not too many factories produce it. While barrier MDO-PE film is even less supplier for it.

In this article we will talk about 8 benefits of high barrier MDO-PE film.

 It’s an in-depth article that takes 20 minutes to read. 

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8 Benefits of High Barrier MDO-PE Film

1) Barrier function

Barrier function is always the most important function for barrier MDO-PE film.

With barrier treatment, the barrier bags can protect your products from oxygen and moisture. This is very important for food packaging, especially when you want to put the food pouches in supermarket shelf with an estimated quality guarantee time a year or longer.

Barrier MDO PE film can definitely help you with that.

The barrier function can reach below level:

OTR (oxygen transmission rate): 2 cc/m²

WVTR (Water vapor transmission rate): 2 g/m²

It is about the same barrier level as VMPET (Metalized PET) and MCPP (Metalized CPP), these two are the most common barrier film in the market.

Which also means barrier MDO PE film is good enough for daily protection of barrier bags.

Recyclable barrier mono-material PE flat bottom pouch

2) Recyclability

Actually recyclability is the main reason we are using barrier MDO-PE film.

For heavy duty laminated bags, we can use BOPP/PE, this is good enough production and transportation. But there is no barrier function.

We are using VMPET, MCPP and foil for barrier function of heavy duty packaging, but these films are not recyclable.

Today sustainability is so important, recyclable pouches are the key trends now. We need a flexible packaging that can pack heavy products while easy to recycle. Then we make barrier MDO-PE.

Barrier MDO-PE laminate to PE is call barrier mono-material PE film. It can convert to recyclable barrier mono-material PE pouch. This laminating pouch is eco-friendly pouch bag.

Recyclable high barrier flexible packaging,stand up pouches

3) Reduce PE material thickness

Barrier MDO-PE film can reach the maximum performance with minimum thickness. So it will use less material to achieve the same or even better quality.

When you have thinner PE film in production, you will sure reduce PE material usage. And the shipping cost will be lower cause less weight.

4) High pressure resistance

The barrier MDO-PE film has higher resistance so it can withstand higher pressure. This is helpful in bag making and shipping with filled products

5) Excellent printability

The material with excellent printability will absolutely help the printing process and make the printing easier and beautiful.

As we know, bag printing is so important for product marketing. All brands will need custom printing for their own designs. A good quality printing on the packaging will sure help the brand owner better present their products.

Custom print recyclable flexible packaging

6) Minimal deformation

The barrier MDO-PE film is with higher rigidity so it will perform better in bag formation. With PE layer it will be ok to convert into below lamination pouch:

Flat bottom bag

Box bottom pouch

Stand up pouch

Stand up spout pouch

Side gusset bag

3 side seal bag

Roll stock rewind

Recyclable barrier mono-material PE flat bottom pouch 2

7) Shock and tear resistance

Higher resistance and rigidity will sure make the film shock and tear resistant. This will help us with heavy duty production function.

So it will be no problem if you need below packaging:

Coffee bean bag

Tea bag

Dog food bag

Cat food bag

All kinds of pet food bags and food bags.

Recyclable barrier mono-material PE stand up pouch 1

8) Outstanding optical properties

The film is gloss and transparent.

Not like metalized film or foil, you cannot see through it cause there is a metal layer in silver color.

But barrier MDO-PE film with transparent character will enable it possible from outside to see the products in the bag. This is much better to show your products.

Recyclable barrier mono-material PE stand up pouch 3


As we can see from all the benefits of barrier MDO-PE film, it is easy to understand that this film is to make recyclable barrier laminated pouch. 

This mono-material pouch can reach the recyclability all over the world. Such as below: 

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