Flexible packaging Sustainable Development Status in China 2023

During COVID-19, we should learn more about how important it is to live in harmony with nature, and how to make rational use of our resources in the Earth.

Flexible packaging, as one of the segment that consume lots of resources, it is also plays import role in sustainability.

Today we will talk about flexible packaging sustainable development status in China 2023. So we will understand more the progress we have made and the areas that need to be improved in the future.

 It’s an in-depth article that takes 20 minutes to read. 

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Flexible packaging Sustainable Development Status in China 2023

The relationship between Flexible packaging & Sustainability

With the improvement of production technology, the production speed of flexible packaging is faster and faster, and the amount of packaging used is larger and larger. So there is too much packaging waste, which increases the burden of environmental protection on the earth.

On the other hand, it leads to the excessive utilization of resources. When the consumption rate of packaging resources exceeds the speed of its renewal and regeneration, the flooding of packaging waste will be accompanied by the gradual lack of packaging materials. It will affect the sustainable development of packaging resources.

In the long run, in order to provide a good living environment for future generations, it is an inevitable trend for the future development of all walks of life to choose a sustainable packaging scheme. This is also the responsibility of enterprise development.


The difference between sustainable packaging and ordinary packaging does not lie in the colorful appearance or the ever-changing shape, but reflects the brand enterprise’s responsibility to the society.

People have a higher acceptance of recyclable, recyclable and degradable packaging, and are more willing to choose packaging with a sense of social responsibility. When social responsibility and consumer demand are unified, it can bring more long-term brand benefits to enterprises.

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Sustainable flexible packaging: Chinese market trend

Same with other countries, the sustainable flexible packaging trend in China is: reuse, recycle, and biodegradable.

Reuse: it means the flexible packaging can be used again and again. At least more than once.

Recycle: it means the flexible packaging can be recyclable after usage. It can then be used to make new products.

Biodegradable: it means the flexible packaging can be biodegradable after usage. So there will be no influence on the earth.


For flexible packaging company, the main things they can do is focus on recyclable and biodegradable flexible packaging.

Recyclable flexible packaging

Make use of physical or chemical recycling technology to recycle packaging materials, reduce the use of primary plastics and reduce the generation of packaging waste.

In essence, as long as the packaging materials are integrated materials, they are recyclable materials. Such as mono-material PE structure or PP structure. However, the packaging made of a variety of different types of materials cannot be recycled at a low cost. Considering the requirements of products for packaging functions, 80% of the packaging in the market can be replaced by the recyclable and recyclable material scheme.

According to the existing packaging structure, some costs will increase slightly, while some costs will decrease instead.

After years of practical application, longdapac, the leading recyclable mono-material packaging manufacturer from China, has accumulated rich technical reserves and material solutions in recyclable and recyclable packaging solutions, and has provided film products that meet the recyclable and recyclable requirements for flexible packaging enterprises and terminal brand enterprises that are at the forefront of the market.

Mono-material MDO-PE/PE: To replace standard laminated flexible packaging

Mono-material High barrier PE/PE: To replace high barrier laminated flexible packaging

Actually Longdapac is supplying recyclable packaging products as: coffee bags, tea bags, pet food bags, snack food bag, dairy bags, and other laminated packaging.

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Biodegradable flexible packaging

The development history of biodegradable materials is not long, and the technical performance is still limited. About 20% of the traditional plastic packaging on the market can be replaced by biodegradable materials, but the cost is significantly increased.

Although some people in the market claim that the cost is lower than that of traditional plastic packaging, or close to biodegradable materials, we can realistically say that within the next five years, we will not see the possibility that biodegradable materials will have an advantage over the cost of traditional plastics.

But biodegradable flexible packaging will be the trend in the future when the technology is mature enough.

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