What is Mono Material Pouch? Your Ultimate Guide

What is Mono Material Pouch?

Mono Material Pouch is the pouch made by mono-material; which also means it is made by single type of material. Normally it is mono-material PP pouch and mono-material PE pouch, these 2 types of pouches are the most often see mono material pouch nowadays.

The biggest advantage of mono material pouch is 100% fully recyclable, without the difficulty of splitting or separating various materials.

Mono material pouch is the market trend right now. Even though it is still new in the market, but we can see the rapid development, and we can also foresee it will dominate the market in the near future.

Today we will give you an ultimate guide of what is mono material pouch. Hopefully more and more people will notice this product, and increase the market share further.

 It’s an in-depth article that takes 15 minutes to read. 

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What is Mono Material Pouch Your Ultimate Guide

1) What is mono material pouch? Further explanations

Mono material pouch is a pouch only includes one type of material it its manufacturing, as opposed to a packaging made from different materials.

Basically it is we first make the film, and the laminate the same film together, then convert to pouch. If we need to add zipper and valve, the zipper and valve will be the same material as the film.

Let’s take mono material PE pouch as a example.

We blow MDOPE film and PE film.

We will do coating on MDOPE if we need high barrier,

We will print on MDOPE film if we need printing

We will laminate MDOPE film and PE film together, make it mono material PE film, or mono material high barrier PE film.

We will convert the laminated mono material PE film into mono material PE pouch.

We will add PE zipper and PE valve if needed

So finally we will have mono material PE pouch or mono material high barrier PE pouch.

Because it only consist of a single material, mono-material pouch is typically easier to recycle than packaging made from different materials. The most important reason is that it doesn’t need a pre-stage of splitting or dividing the various materials apart. This will definitely make the recycling process faster and efficient.

The most common mono material pouches are below:

Mono material PE pouch

Mono material PP pouch

Transparent barrier recyclable mono material PE pouch 5

2) Why choose mono material pouch?

As we mentioned above, recyclability is the biggest advantages of mono material pouch.

Sustainability is becoming more and more important nowadays, some of the resources are one time permanent use, and the flexible packaging raw material is one of them. So we need to make sure we will consume fewer raw materials and leave more resources for our future generations.


Currently we are using biodegradable and recyclable flexible packaging for sustainable flexible packaging. But biodegradable technology is not mature, especially the high barrier biodegradable packaging series. So we will mainly focus on recyclable flexible packaging. As we know, most of the laminating pouch is with different materials, and mostly VMPET and foil for high barrier function which is not recyclable. So we will have to replace them, and the best option is recyclable mono material pouch, and recyclable mono material high barrier pouch.

The quality of mono material high PE pouch will be very close to VMPET/foil lamination pouch, the cost might be a little bit higher right now, but it is foreseeable that the cost will going down and even lower than VMPET/foil laminating pouch in the future. When considering the recyclability of mono material pouch, it is really the perfect recyclable packaging solution.

3) What kind of pouch can mono material made?

Actually mono material can make all kinds of pouch as the previous laminating film.

Such as:

Mono material stand up pouch

Mono material flat pouch

Mono material side gusset bag

Mono material flat bottom pouch

Mono material shape pouch

And it can also come in mono material rewind for packaging machine.

All above can be standard mono material pouch or high barrier mono material pouch

Transparent barrier recyclable mono material PE pouch 2

4) What can mono material pouch apply to?

Mono material pouch can be used to replace all the current pouches in the market. But it is now all recyclable

Such as:

Recyclable mono material Coffee tea bags  

Recyclable mono material dog food bag

Recyclable mono material pet food bag

Recyclable mono material cat food bag

Recyclable mono material cereal bag

Recyclable mono material food pouch

Recyclable mono material medicine bag


recyclable high barrier side gusset coffee bag

5) How Longdapac can help?

Longdapac is the leading flexible packaging manufacturer from China. We focus on sustainability packaging as you can see below:

Longdapac is the best MDO-PE film supplier in China.

Longdapac is the first high barrier MDO-PE film supplier in China.

Longdapac is the first Chinese factory who can make high barrier mono-material PE pouch.

Longdapac recyclable high barrier mono-material PE pouches can meet the recyclability of

Longdapac is a BRC and ISO certified factory with annual capacity of more than 25,000 tons.

Basically Longdapac can satisfy all your recyclable packaging needs, both standard and high barrier.


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