INEOS Invests in Mono-Material MDO-PE and MDO-PP Film Production Line

In addition to producing raw materials, INEOS also invested in the film blowing production line. Recently, INEOS Olefins and Polymers Europe has announced to invest millions of Euros to build a new film blowing production line. Hosokawa Alpine’s inline multilayer film production line will enable INEOS to work with processors, brands and retailers to develop simpler and more recyclable flexible packaging films.

Current flexible packaging films offer many advantages in terms of cost and performance. However, their structure makes them inherently difficult to recycle: These films are composed of multiple layers of different materials and are often buried or incinerated.

According to INEOS, reducing the amount of Polymer used to produce these packaging films can not only improve their recyclability, but also help prevent about 1 million tons of garbage from being sent to landfills each year.

Therefore, INEOS will cooperate with its partners to develop, design and produce PE and PP based flexible packaging films made of Mono materials on the new production line. And use its expertise in resin design to design a new generation of resin specially for its flexible packaging products.

This new production line will be installed in the company’s R & D laboratory in Brussels, Belgium in 2023. It is equipped with MDO technology to improve its physical and barrier properties by heating and stretching the film, which enables them to be used in different product applications.


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