The New Circular Issued by the Chinese State Council of Mono Material Packaging

In Sep. 2022; the State Council of China requires that technological innovation be strengthened in the field of packaging.

Packaging enterprises should actively provide overall packaging solutions with reasonable design, material saving, convenient recycling and economic applicability. They should also independently research and develop low gram weight, high strength, functional packaging materials and production equipment; and innovate and develop integrated packaging products for goods and express delivery.

Packaging enterprises should give full play to the bridge role in promoting simple packaging and advocating rational consumption, and promote packaging design, commodity production and other upstream and downstream links to practice the concept of simplicity and moderation.

Details as follows:

1) Promote green design and reduce the quantity at the source. Packaging enterprises should strengthen green design, reduce the use of materials and the complexity of design. And pay attention to the environmental impact and carbon footprint in the whole process of design, production and waste. Optimizing the product structure, increase the proportion of mono-materials, low gram weight high strength materials, and separable and reusable materials. All those effectively improve the recycling performance of packaging products, and achieve packaging reduction from the source. So as to influence and drive the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to achieve green and low-carbon development.

2) Strengthen technological innovation and improve innovation capability. Packaging enterprises should increase investment in scientific and technological innovation; speed up the research and transformation of green technologies; actively develop and use new packaging materials that are conducive to resource conservation; promote new technologies, new processes and new equipment that meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection. And put the green and low-carbon concept into the whole process of product research and development, design, raw material procurement, production and manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, after-sales service, and recycling, so as to enhance the endogenous innovation power of enterprises,

We will deepen industrial collaborative innovation and form a lasting momentum of innovation to support the green transformation and development of the economy and society.

3) Fulfill social responsibility and resist excessive packaging. Packaging enterprises should be fully aware of the hazards of excessive packaging of goods, take the initiative to act, fulfill their responsibilities. And take the initiative to carry out self-examination on limiting excessive packaging of goods. It is necessary to strictly implement mandatory national standards, optimize product packaging design, supply higher quality, more green and low-carbon packaging to the market, jointly create a good atmosphere of simplicity and moderation, low-carbon and environmental protection, and green development, and be a pioneer, practitioner and advocate against excessive packaging of goods.

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