What Should We Do For Barrier Recyclable Flexible Packaging in 2023

Currently the society focuses more on sustainability. So it needs to be product revolution on flexible packaging industry. Recyclability is still the most important part.

Today we will talk about what should we do for barrier recyclable flexible packaging in 2023.

1) Mono-material flexible packaging.

This idea can fundamentally solve the problem that the traditional composite flexible packaging is difficult to recover due to its complex structure, but the premise is that the performance of the packaging cannot be sacrificed.

At present, by improving the rigidity and tensile strength of PE, it can realize the replacement of pet, PP, PA and other film materials, and make some composite flexible packaging structures (such as PE / PET, PE / BOPP, etc.) become single material structures.

It is understood that there are three technical solutions available in the market, all of which are solved by stretching.

  1. Machine directional stretching film, i.e. MDO-PE. In addition to the good improvement of the rigidity and tensile strength of PE, MDO-PE also has good transparency, printability and heat sealing performance, and the heat sealing temperature can reach 170 ℃.
  2. Asynchronous stretching, i.e. longitudinal and transverse biaxial stretching. eg: BO-PE
  3. Three bubble stretching

2) Separation between layers of laminated flexible packaging

The laminated flexible packaging used for meat and cheese products requires a material layer that blocks oxygen, such as PA, EVOH, etc. However, this laminate flexible packaging material cannot be recycled because the materials of each layer cannot be separated.


The film blowing equipment and new materials can separate the barrier material PA and heat sealing material PE in the composite film, making it possible to recycle the barrier film.


As long as the barrier membrane made by the new technology is put into water, separation can be realized under certain temperature conditions. The red material is PE, which floats on the water surface because its density is less than water; The white material is PA, because the density is greater than water, it sinks in the water bottom, so the two materials are perfectly separated.

3) Chemical Recyclable

There is an important principle of circular economy, that is, in all times, products and materials maintain their highest value in the process of circulation. From the perspective of technology circulation, it means that plastic packaging should be reused first and then recycled. There are three levels of recycling of plastic packaging wastes: closed-loop physical recyclable, open-loop physical recyclable and chemical recyclable.


Closed loop physical recyclable is to cycle the packaging to the original application, so the original quality of packaging materials can be maintained. It retains the value of packaging materials and can be recycled repeatedly, such as the bottle to bottle we often mentioned. However, in China, the current physical cycle basically belongs to the open-loop type and can only be recycled once.


International mainstream voices believe that chemical recyclable is an effective supplement to physical recyclable. Because physical recyclable will gradually reduce the performance of polymer molecules. We still need a final solution, and the chemical recyclable may be the answer. However, there are few commercial cases of chemical recycle, and there are many challenges in energy consumption, cost and even emissions.


Barrier Mono-material flexible packaging laminated pouch should be the best solution right now.

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