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Recycling Optimization of Recyclable Packaging

When discussing how to recycle a non-recyclable packaging form or plastic, we usually have two ways of thinking. One way is to consider whether such packaging or plastic can enter the existing recycling stream; The other is to consider whether to establish an independent soft packaging recycling stream.

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Recyclable high barrier mono material PE snack food bag

Innovation of Mono-material Flexible Packaging

The new mono-material PE laminated packaging solution can be recycled in communities with plastic film recycling plans just like PE film, while providing the toughness, optical performance and stiffness required for high-quality packaging, and simplifying the selection of materials.

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100% recyclable high barrier mono material PE pouches

True Recycling in Flexible Packaging: Efforts From All Parties

In a word, if we really want to achieve true recycling in flexible packaging, we will need below:
Recyclable flexible packaging ( mono-material flexible packaging such mono-material PE pouches)
Flexible packaging waste collection service ( collect all the waste from end users to recycling facilities)
Flexible packaging Recycling facilities ( turn the waste into new plastic products)

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Barrier MDO-PE film mono-material 5

Top 10 MDO-PE Film Manufacturers in China

Top 10 MDO-PE Film Manufacturers in China:
1) Longdapac
2) Zhejiang HX New Material
3) Tuop New Material
4) Changrong Industry
5) Bolai Packaging
6) SZB Packaging
7) Zhongsu Film
8) Guangzhou YX Packaging
9) Xiangpen Packaging
10) Shenghui

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