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high barrier Mono-material PE Recyclable Pet food bag

2024 New Requirements on Pet Food Packaging in USA & Canada

Sustainable packaging is required for pet food packaging. Such as dog food pouches and cat food pouches, it will need either biodegradable pouches or 100% recyclable pouches. Since the function for biodegradable pouches are not very good to meet the packing demands of pet food; 100% recyclable pet food pouches are the main solution today. It is mostly 100% recyclable mono-material PE pet food pouches.
Even it is retorted pouches, it will also need 100% recyclable retort pet food pouches.

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recyclable retort pouch

Longdapac Launched 100% Recyclable Retort Pouches

The new 100% recyclable high barrier mono-material PP retort pouches with the film structure of BOPP/ High barrier OPP / RCPP; can stand 121-135 degree for 30 minutes. It can be with spout or without spout. With the high barrier function, it is perfect to replace the conventional material.

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Recyclable Laundry bag

How to Make a Recyclable Laundry Bag

A discarded mineral water bottle is obviously easier to enter the recycling system than a plastic bag of laundry detergent and potato chips. In Longdapac’s view, plastic products made of single materials such as mineral water bottles have clear recycling links, high utilization rates, and low reprocessing costs, making them popular in the market. However, plastic products in flexible packaging such as laundry detergent and potato chips are often made by bonding multiple layers of plastic and glue, making recycling difficult.

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Sustainability 7

What is Sustainable Flexible Packaging?

Sustainable flexible packaging refers to packaging materials and designs that prioritize environmental, social, and economic responsibility throughout their life cycle. The aim is to minimize the impact of packaging on the environment while maintaining functionality and meeting the needs of consumers and industries. Sustainable flexible packaging is part of a broader movement within the packaging industry to address environmental concerns and promote more responsible practices.

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recyclable roll stock rewind for food

What is Recyclable Rollstock And How Does it Made?

Recyclable rollstock refers to a type of packaging material that is designed to be recycled after its use. Rollstock is a continuous sheet or roll of flexible packaging material, commonly used in various industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods. The recyclability of rollstock depends on the materials used in its composition.

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