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Why Barrier Function is Import for Food Packaging?

The barrier function of food packaging is crucial to maintaining the quality, safety, and shelf life of packaged food products. Barrier properties refer to the packaging’s ability to prevent or minimize the passage of external elements such as moisture, oxygen, light, and odors into the packaged food, as well as the migration of substances from the packaging material into the food.

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15 Requirements on Flexible Food Packaging

Flexible food packaging is subject to various requirements and regulations to ensure the safety, quality, and suitability of the packaging for containing and preserving food products. These requirements are in place to protect consumer health and maintain the integrity of the packaged food.

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What are Contract Packaging Companies?

Contract packaging companies, also known as co-packers or contract packagers, are businesses that specialize in providing packaging and related services on behalf of other companies. These companies offer a range of services to help brands and businesses efficiently package their products for distribution and retail. Contract packaging companies are often used when a brand or manufacturer lacks the necessary equipment, expertise, or resources to handle packaging in-house, or when they need to scale up production quickly without significant capital investment.

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10 Advantages of Recyclable Laminated Flexible Packaging

10 Advantages of Recyclable Laminated Flexible Packaging
1. Reduced Environmental Impact:
2. Circular Economy Contribution:
3. Lower Carbon Footprint:
4. Consumer Appeal:
5. Regulatory Compliance:
6. Innovation and Design:
7. Extended Product Shelf Life:
8. Consumer Convenience:
9. Collaborative Efforts:
10. Educational Opportunities:

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Ultimate Guide: What is Recyclable Pouch?

Recyclable pouches are laminated flexible packaging pouches that are designed to be collected, processed, and reused in the production of new products, including more packaging materials. The goal of recyclable pouches is to create packaging that has a reduced impact on the environment by promoting circular economy principles and minimizing waste. Currently there are 2 main recyclable pouches: Mono-material Recyclable PE Pouches and Mono-material Recyclable PP Pouches.

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