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INEOS Invests in Mono-Material MDO-PE and MDO-PP Film Production Line

INEOS Invests in Mono-Material MDO-PE and MDO-PP Film Production Line。
INEOS Olefins and Polymers Europe has announced to invest millions of Euros to build a new film blowing production line. Hosokawa Alpine’s inline multilayer film production line will enable INEOS to work with processors, brands and retailers to develop simpler and more recyclable flexible packaging films.

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Recyclable flexible packaging laminated pouch

Recyclable Flexible Packaging Development Trend in 2022

With the development of economy and the growth of population, the demand for flexible packaging is increasingly rapidly. This is causing too much plastic pollution. Sustainability is the hot topic nowadays. That’s recyclable flexible packaging is becoming development trend now.

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Changes of properties of MDO-PE film

MDO-PE Film Technology and Formula

Recently, there are more and more discussions about recyclable flexible packaging. Mono-material PE is an indispensable part of the recyclable flexible packaging options; and MDO-PE film is an important technical direction of Mono-material PE packaging.

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CEFLEX and Mono Material Pouches

Mono Material Pouch is the pouch made by mono-material; which also means it is made by single type of material. Normally it is mono-material PP pouch and mono-material PE pouch, these 2 types of pouches are the most often see mono material pouch nowadays.

The biggest advantage of mono material pouch is 100% fully recyclable, without the difficulty of splitting or separating various materials.

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Mono material PE pouch & PP Pouch Global Trend in 2022

Mono material PE pouch & PP Pouch Global Trend in 2022
1) L’OREAL 100% Recyclable Mono PE Spout pouch shampoo refill.
2) Dow: high barrier mono material PE food bag
3) Heinz: Mono material PP baby stand up spout pouch
4) High barrier mono material PP laminated pouch
5) Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolate’s mono material PE pouch

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