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What are Recyclable Custom Shaped Pouches? Your Ultimate Guide

Custom Shaped Pouches are packaging pouches that are manufactured in various shapes and sizes. Unlike the standard flat pouch or stand up pouch in regular shape.
The shaped pouch is a distinctive and eye-catching take on the traditional stand up pouch. With the ever increasing popularity of stand up pouches, the shaped pouch is a way of distinguishing your brand from the current competition and increasing the chance of being seen on the supermarket shelf.
Recyclable custom shaped pouches means the custom shaped pouches are made by recyclable materials.

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High barrier recyclable mono material coffee bag

Are Custom Coffee Bags Recyclable?

Are Custom Coffee Bags Recyclable?
The answer is Yes if you choose the right materials. Basically if the materials you using to make custom coffee bags are recyclable, then custom coffee bags are recyclable.

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What is High Barrier Recyclable Pouches? Your Ultimate Guide

High Barrier Recyclable pouches are the pouches fully recyclable, and with high barrier function. Normally it is made by mono material with high barrier coating. Unlike the traditional high barrier it is using metalized PET or foil which is not recyclable.
It mainly included:
Standard version: MOPP/CPP, OPP/MCPP (this is thinner packaging for Potato chips, less than 100g)
Heavy duty version: High barrier Mono-material PE: High barrier PE/PE, MDOPE/high barrier PE/PE, MDOPE/high barrier MPE/PE
(This is thicker packaging for weight of more than 250g)

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What is Mono Material Pouch? Your Ultimate Guide

Mono Material Pouch is the pouch made by mono-material; which also means it is made by single type of material. Normally it is mono-material PP pouch and mono-material PE pouch, these 2 types of pouches are the most often see mono material pouch nowadays.
The biggest advantage of mono material pouch is 100% fully recyclable, without the difficulty of splitting or separating various materials.

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