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Ultimate Guide: New Thresholds 2023 of Packaging Recyclability from REDcycle, APCO & PREP

On April 13 2022, APCO published an updated version of the Quickstart Guide for designing household consumer soft plastics for recyclability. This Guide provides the thresholds for design that will be live in the Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal (PREP) in June 2023.
Importantly, PET, PVDC, Paper and Aluminium (not including metallised layers) are not accepted at any percentage

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MDO-PE film barrier

What is MDO-PE film? Your Ultimate Guide

MDO-PE film is becoming more and more popular today, for it requires less material which saves resources and it improve the PE film properties. This is the best recyclable material in flexible packaging, especially when it needs high barrier function to better protect the product.
Today, we will give you ultimate guide on what is MDO-PE.

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Recyclable flexible packaging

Recyclable flexible packaging means the flexible packaging that can be recycled to new products after usage. Such as all kinds of plastic shopping bag, plastic flower sleeves, roll bag, garbage bag, coffee bag, tea bag, snack food bag, daily product bag, pet food bag, food bag, etc.

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recyclable high barrier stand up pouches,snack

Comparison between Recyclable and Compostable Flexible Packaging

In today’s technology, the recyclable flexible packaging is becoming more and more mature and recycling facilities are everywhere in the world. But the sealing, strength and high barrier quality of compostable flexible packaging is not very stable so not too many packers choose it.

Which also means: Recyclable flexible packaging is the trend today.

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PE mono-material pouches

Sustainable plastic packaging

We have been raised the question of sustainability in packaging since 1950s; that’s exactly after World War II. White pollution is one issue, but more importantly the lack of raw materials & resources during World War II to make people think of our future generation, and finally the idea of sustainability come out.

Currently half of the packaging is plastic; we have to admit that the plastic packaging did make our life better, and it is very easy to foresee that plastic will keep playing a very important role in packaging.

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